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End-of-the-Year Reflections

Whether the end of your year was a mad dash, a brief respite full of family and food, or both, we all now find ourselves fully into the new year as though nothing happened. We arrived at the end of the calendar year whether we were ready or not.

While there is nothing scientific about how we choose to end a year and begin another, we have given it great significance. If you’re reading this now you didn’t pause to catch your breath and reflect on 2022 and look ahead to 2023, there is nothing stopping you from doing it now. It’s important mentally, emotionally, physically, and professionally. And if you do, add marketing to the things to ponder.

Remember that marketing is more than advertising.

It includes everything from branding to client relations and customer satisfaction to sales. Look at the business you had during the past year. How did it change from the years prior? Was it a good change? Even if it wasn’t, could you somehow leverage the changes to make the result positive? Many changes are the result of factors beyond our control. Sometimes it is better to embrace them than to attempt to move something immovable. How would you like your business to look different this year? How can you make that happen?

Where did the clients that you enjoyed come from? How did they find you? How can you replicate that experience? How can you make that experience easier? How can you increase the odds that similar clients find you?

If your marketing plan is working well, you won’t be able to identify one predominant influence but a host of them. What worked and what didn’t? Were these cherished clients referred by others? Who influenced their decision? How do you maintain contact with these influencers, reminding them of who you are and what you do? Are there similar influencers with whom you are not communicating?

Think about your marketing budget for this year. Consider it in terms of time and money.

After all, for lawyers, the adage that time is money is even more true. How are you going to alter your budget this year? Same total but allocated differently? An investment of more time and money? Where are you likely to get the most bang for your buck? What other options are out there that you haven’t yet tried? What are you waiting for?

Change is inevitable. Some change is good, and some isn’t. The question we must ask ourselves, especially when we are reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new one is “are we going to simply let change happen or are we going to try to make it happen?” If you’d like some help with your marketing, call us.


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