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Alabama Digital Marketing Agency

We aren't just advertisers. Our vast broad-based experience gives us a unique, big-picture perspective. We understand the challenges of your business.


All industries have experienced tremendous change, especially in the last two decades. Companies, firms, and organizations must differentiate and distinguish themselves to remain competitive in the marketplace. 

Creative, new, and innovative marketing can help you do that.


Capitalizing on over 40 years of broad-based experience in the legal, government, nonprofit, higher education, and marketing industries, Cooper Shattuck and Erin Owen created Cartography Consulting as a boutique marketing firm focusing on professionalism, responsiveness, and premium design. Cartography provides a full range of marketing services to professionals, nonprofits, associations, governments, public interest groups, and others across the state of Alabama and througout the country.

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meet our team.

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Cooper Shattuck

Principal & President

Cooper Shattuck has practiced law for over 30 years. From managing a growing, successful mid-size firm to an in-house legal department at the largest employer and state institution in Alabama, Cooper has valuable experience in managing communications, strategic planning, and crisis communications. In 2017, he created Cartography to fill a need for a marketing and consulting firm with real-world experience, youthful enthusiasm, and the ability and willingness to simply listen to its clients.


As Principal & President, Cooper manages every client’s project from moderating strategic plans to crafting campaigns and content.

Erin Owen

Creative Director

After graduating from the University of Alabama where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in 

Communications with concentrations in public relations and marketing, Erin worked for the state’s largest higher education institution in a role where she utilized her background focusing on reputation management, risk assessment, and communications for the Office of Counsel and Risk Management. When given the opportunity to focus primarily on marketing, she co-founded 

Cartography with Cooper.


As Creative Director, Erin focuses on all things design-related, ranging from logo and branding design and website design to graphic design, publication design, and email marketing.


Lisa Waldrop

Content Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Lisa brings more than twenty years of marketing and recruitment experience to the Cartography team. As the former public information officer for one of the largest community colleges in the state of Alabama, Lisa’s key areas of expertise include branding, project management, strategic planning, and public relations.  

As Content Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Lisa specializes in brand development, messaging, publications, and higher education marketing consulting.

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Blakeney Hossa

Digital Advertising & SEM Manager

Over 15 years ago, Blakeney began her career in the fast-paced field of media advertising and marketing. Seeing the need for comprehensive online digital marketing services beyond a website, she began her own agency five years ago. In addition to her work with lawyers and law firms, Blakeney has worked with physicians, various retail establishments, higher education, global logistics, and commercial real estate.


As Digital Advertising & SEM Manager, Blakeney specializes in consumer lifestyle marketing, social media, and digital marketing and advertising.

what's the deal with our logo?

Untitled design - 2020-03-20T103544.135.
Untitled design - 2020-03-20T103544.135.

The graphic in our logo is a polyhedral map. As you know (and Columbus figured out), the world is not flat, but rather a sphere. So, a polyhedral map is created when you transform the map shown on a globe into a flat map.

We aren't mapmakers, but we can help you chart a course to greater success.

Our Team
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