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Email Marketing

Every organization, no matter the size or the goods and services it provides, needs to communicate on a regular basis with its stakeholders via email marketing. 

Those stakeholders include not only its clients or customers but also its infuencers, referral sources, and employees. Whether that communication is informational for employees or promotional to current and prospective clients or customers, we can assist your organization in communicating in the most effective manner with high-quality graphics and clear and consise content.

Don’t waste your money dragging a net through the open ocean with advertising geared to the masses. Email marketing is fishing in a stocked pond. 

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What We Do.

When you hire us to manage your direct email marketing, we will:

  • Design and disseminate monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly email marketing campaigns to your former and existing clients as well as your existing and potential referral sources; and

  • Provide data and metrics related to the success of the email marketing campaigns, so that you can track their effectiveness.

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