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Strategic Planning Consultant

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

- Sun Tsu

It is imperative that all firms, companies, and organizations not only develop and implement a strategic plan, but ensure that their strategic plan evolves with them and with the changing trends in their industries.

Our team has extensive experience creating and implementing strategic plans in a wide range of settings, from private law firms and corporate legal departments to non-profits and small, mid-size and large companies. 

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What We Do.

We can help you develop a custom strategic plan, so that your organization can accomplish its goals and aspirations by:

  • Planning a retreat to foster the most productive team environment to develop your strategic plan, succession planning, firm leadership, and other target topics;

  • ​Selecting a retreat venue and negotiating the venue contract;​

  • Managing the event budget, logistics, and catering;

  • ​Organizing and facilitating team-building exercises such as StrengthsFinder or Strengths Based Leadership;

  • ​Moderating your discussions and engaging your participants in the events activities; and

  • ​Preparing summary documents, including the actual strategic plan document, following the event.

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