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Though our principal offers legal services through Cooper Shattuck, LLC, no legal services are offered by Cartography Consulting.

Website Design Company

A dynamic, professional and unique website should address those who know you and those who don’t. It should help people find you. And, it should effectively communicate your services and expertise. But, it should also distinguish you from everyone else. A website is often your first opportunity to make a good impression and can be a deciding factor in whether you have the chance to win someone’s business. 


We design websites that are not only visually attractive and easily navigable but contain original content. Our content is written by a lawyer with over 30 years’ experience, not a marketing firm that doesn’t understand what you do nor a web designer whose websites all look alike.


We will:

  • Restructure your website’s navigation structure with usability and functionality in mind;

  • Design your website’s new look and feel;

  • Comb through your website’s content to assess whether content should be revised or new content developed;

  • Produce photography and videography for use on your website and in other marketing materials;

  • Optimize your website for search engines; 

  • Maintain your site and adjust search engine optimization; and

  • Train your staff on how to update the new site.