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A Letter from Our Founders

This is an unprecedented time in history. Small and even large businesses alike are in danger of not making it. And it happened fast. Clients and consumers are confined to their homes, except to complete essential functions. And most are trying to navigate a new normal of working from home.

What have we been doing?

From the beginning, we committed to digital, mobile, and flexible workspace, so the home-work has not really been a challenge for us. But we have challenged ourselves to take some time focusing on the present, appreciating our past, and looking to the future. What started as an idea to fill a need in the profession we love has become our new passion and a thriving, growing business. Cartography has evolved from a company which only developed marketing plans and websites for lawyers and law firms to a full-service marketing agency offering everything from turn-key marketing to graphic design and digital advertising.

And we’re not done yet...

We are committed to taking this passion project turned profession to a new level of service.

Ch, ch, ch, changes...

New Website

We have finished a major overhaul to our website to better reflect all of the services we offer and to showcase more of our hard work. Check it out at

Social Media

We will be enhancing our social media, focusing on providing real value to our followers. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and on our brand-new Instagram.


We will begin communicating regularly with the people who mean the most to us (you!) and sharing tips on how to grow your business.

New Staff

Stay tuned to our social media to meet the newest member of the Cartography team! We have expanded our staff to better serve you.

What does this mean for you?

Hopefully you’re navigating a new normal with ease. If not, we’re here for you. Regardless, in the coming days, new and renewed marketing efforts are going to be critical to your continued success. We’re ready. We are not simply a communications or advertising firm. We’re a full-service partner for all your marketing and communications needs, from strategic planning to implementation.

We are excited to chart a course to success with you.

Take care,

Cooper Shattuck

Co-Founder & Principal, Cartography Consulting

Erin Owen

Co-Founder & Marketing, Cartography Consulting


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