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strategic planning, management consulting, and marketing for professionals by professionals.

what sets us apart.

we know what works for professionals because we are professionals.

Our clients frequently come to us displeased with the inflated stats and misguided marketing efforts of their current agencies.

Most marketing firms take a singular approach to marketing, focusing only on their template solutions on presumptive consumers. In reality, your business, customers, and revenue come from a variety of sources. We'll help identify and define your target audience, not base a plan on assumptions.

Save yourself the frustration. Come to us first.

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what we do for our clients.

we offer services ranging from turn-key marketing to graphic design.

social media


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who we are.

we aren't just advertisers.

our vast broad-based experience give us a unique, big-picture perspective. we understand the challenges of your business.

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clients we serve.

we help a variety of individuals and organizations tell their stories.

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Cartography Consulting

what our clients say.

"It's refreshing to work with marketing and media consultants who are experienced legal professionals. Cartography Consulting knows what we need and delivers."

client, huntsville, ala.

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