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Keep in Touch With Your Best Salespeople

Do you know who your best salespeople are? The people best equipped to most easily and credibly sell your services? Hint: It isn’t you. It’s your current and former clients. Think about the cases, the work, and the clients that have come to you directly or indirectly through the recommendation of a client or former client. Who knows better what it’s like to be your client? Who has more credibility to speak about your services? Yet they are easily and frequently overlooked in marketing plans.

Technology and our digitally engaged lifestyles have offered us a host of opportunities to connect with people. Emails, social media, websites (SEO), and digital advertising serve prominent roles in marketing plans. Some firms spend a fortune on them. And they work well. But are opportunities being missed? Could they work better?

Surveys and studies consistently show that the vast majority of those looking for legal services first ask friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations.

Now, those folks might Google those recommendations - the vast majority do but don’t you want to be on the list or, better yet, be the sole recommendation that the friend, family, or coworker? Is marketing to these recommending individuals part of your marketing plan?

A great example of the power of experience in a potential client’s decision-making calculus is the review.

A cottage industry has emerged which offers to secure the best reviews for you on Google or other platforms. Why? Because people pay attention to those. Don’t you? When you are deciding to try a new restaurant or are visiting a new city, don’t you consult reviews? Do you feature endorsements, testimonials, and glowing reviews on your website? You should if you aren’t.

Convinced? Good. So, what to do?

First, identify these folks.

You probably can generate a report from your practice management system and/or your email platform from which a list of current and former clients can be created.

Then, create a campaign. What is it that you want to tell them?

First, you want to remind them who you are and all you do. You may have represented them in a car wreck, but do they know that you can help them with a mass tort? Your campaign strategy should include all the ways you can stay in touch with them, such as email, newsletters, small gifts or trinkets with your name on them, letters, postcards, calls, or maybe even an annual party or get-together. Of all of these, emails are probably the easiest and most effective (from a cost standpoint and otherwise). And, you shouldn’t have to worry about violating the anti-solicitation rule if you are reaching out to a current or former client. Your campaign should not include one touch but a schedule of contacts at some regular and frequent intervals, at least monthly. They won’t hate you for it if you are providing them with useful information. And if they don’t want to receive them, they can always opt out.

Don’t forget your most important marketing partner – your current and former clients. If you need help – we’re ready to be your marketing partner, as well.


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