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Are you ready for the results of your marketing?

Having a strategic marketing plan is important. It helps identify what services you are offering and why someone should want to buy them. When it comes to legal services, knowing what you are offering (and how it differs from your competitors in a crowded marketplace) and who your targets are (ideal clients or referral sources) should be considered when creating your plan. Every element of your plan should work together to bring potential clients to your door. But, are you ready for the results of your marketing?

Your marketing efforts are most likely and should be driving people to your website, so some thought should be given to what they will find when they get there.

If the look and theme of your marketing efforts (ads, emails, social media presence, etc.) do not match those of your website, that’s not a good first impression. Chances are less likely your potential clients will engage. And the scary thing is you’ll never know.

Your marketing efforts are about new clients, right? Your marketing efforts should work together with a consistent look, feel, theme, and content. And they should all be fresh, engaging, and current.

If your marketing efforts are focused on a particular service or type of case and a potential client arrives at your website only to find nothing about that type of case, they are going elsewhere. The same holds true if they cannot easily find something that is buried somewhere on your site. And, while visits to your website are helpful to your website’s performance if they leave too quickly without taking an action such as calling your office, submitting a website contact form, or chatting on your website, then what’s the point?

So, you’re on the ball and have a top-notch digital marketing effort. Then, a potential client emails or calls your office only to find that the response they get doesn’t live up to the great impression that you’ve made with your digital marketing efforts.

What is true of your digital presence applies even more so with your actual engagement with a potential client. If it’s lackluster, off-putting, off-subject, slow, impolite, impatient, or worse yet, doesn’t come at all, then chances are they’re going elsewhere.

Yes, digital marketing efforts are critically important in today’s legal marketplace. But we can’t forget how important every step of the process is to landing those potential clients. In your strategic planning efforts, don’t forget to address how you will prepare for the results of your marketing from a staffing and intake process standpoint.


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