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Management Consulting

Professional Development & Coaching.

Cartography’s principal has over 25 years of experience coaching individuals and organizations on most effectively utilizing their strengths and the strengths of their team members.


For an organization to reach its maximum potential, its individual members must function with a focus on their strengths. We can help you develop and nurture your team members to ensure that your organization is performing at its highest level.


We will meet with members of your organization, help them identify their strengths, and assess whether your teams are constructed so that members are utilizing their strengths to maximize the teams’ potential. 

Business Meeting
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Human Resources & Compensation.

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Recruiting & Hiring.

Great people with great resumes are not necessarily a great fit. A search process that identifies the goals a new hire should accomplish and then generates those individuals with the skills, knowledge, and experience to accomplish those goals is critical. But, that person must also be a good fit with the organization. Throwing resumes at you is not really helpful. And, that is not what we do.


Our team has extensive experience creating, managing, and leading employee searches and hiring and on-boarding team members in every sector, from law firms to in-house legal departments to small, mid-size and large companies and other organizations.

Professional Development & Coaching
Human Resources & Comp
Recruiting & Hiring

Effectively managing human resources issues is one of the most demanding challenges for any organization. The most vital component of an organization is its people. We have extensive experience in:​

  • Team building and training

  • Performance evaluations

  • Individual and team coaching

  • Change management

  • Employee engagement

  • Job satisfaction

  • Reorganizations


Incentivizing and rewarding employees are critical to an organization’s success. The compensation models which have worked well historically don't work so well anymore. It takes creative, out-of-the-box thinking to ensure that you attract and keep the talent your organization needs.


Cartography’s principal is well-versed in putting together employment packages and incentives that motivate team members to not only achieve their personal goals but the goals of the organization.

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